Graffiti Under RHVBE Bridge

There has been an increase of graffiti being tagged under the RHVBE bridge. The management association team will paint over the graffiti during the course of the week (weather permitting). We would like to encourage members of the business estate…
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Wetland Trees Planted In Riverhorse

In an effort to conserve and improve the area around the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate (RHVBE), the Management Association are in the process of planting trees in the wetland. These trees include species like Calpunia Aurea, Syzigium Cordatum and Bridelia…
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Illegal Dumping On Eastern Watercourse

The Riverhorse Valley Business Estate (RHVBE) has an illegal dumping problem, where litter is being dumped into the eastern watercourse feeding into Umhlangane River. The litter consists of mainly household items and what looks like shoe making material. The Management …
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Shocking Amounts Of Litter Collected After Heavy Rainfall

Rainfall in the area for August was an astounding 29mm and 50mm for September (as of 21 September 2018). The heavy rains washed down copious amounts of litter. A total of 2820 bags were completely filled with littter (2500 from…
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