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Riverhorse Valley

Enhancing visibility and security in Riverhorse Valley

The past week has seen a focus on enhancing both the visibility and security within our precinct. Here’s a quick update on the recent activities and improvements: Improved Visibility: Our team diligently followed their schedule, concentrating on cleaning and trimming…
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Update on sewer leak and pothole repairs in Prince Umhlangane Road

We wanted to provide an update regarding the ongoing sewer leak and unattended pothole in Prince Umhlangane Road, issues that have understandably raised concerns amongst our members. Current Situation: The sewer leak continues to be a significant challenge. While the…
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RHVBEMA Cleaning & Greening: Green fingers and clean roads

We’re excited to share the latest updates on our cleaning, greening, and maintenance efforts in Riverhorse Valley over the past two weeks. Our dedicated teams have been hard at work to ensure our precinct remains clean, green, and well-maintained. Garden…
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Advancing perspectives: A comparative analysis of Riverhorse Valley Business Estate

We are pleased to share with you the insights garnered from our recent comparative analysis of the 2022 and 2023 Annual Perception Surveys. These surveys serve as pivotal touchpoints for understanding your perspectives and aspirations for our thriving business hub.…
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New Road Markings For RHVBE

The municipality is is the process of repainting the road lines and markings in Riverhorse Valley, which will make a huge difference to the overall look of the area as well as road safety, particularly at the very busy intersections…
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Stolen Railway Cables

Sections of railway cable was recovered by the RHVBE security team after a suspect was detected by our control room monitors in the early hours of the morning on 29th June stealing railway cables. The suspect fled after seeing the…
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Robbery Thwarted

On the 19th April, five teenagers attempted to rob a man at gunpoint on Queen Nandi Drive. This incident was reported by an officer from Afrox to SAPS and the RHVBE reaction team responded to assist. Three suspects were arrested…
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Scrap Metal Theft Management

The RHVBE security reaction team regularly apprehends people, particularly along the railway tracks walking with bags full of scrap metal stolen from businesses in the Estate, or copper power cables from the trains. If you see any suspicious activity like…
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Armed Robber Arrested

Quick thinking by the RHVBE control room operator resulted in the aresst of an armed robber who was handed over to SAPS. The operator noticed two males robbing three females at gunpoint near the vicinity of Effingham train station. The…
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