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RHVBEMA CCTV Controllers keep a keen eye out for cable thieves

On 27 March, RHVBEMA CCTV controllers spotted a suspect cutting away at railway structures using a hacksaw. Upon investigation, the suspect was found cutting a lock to access a switch to cut off the electricity, enabling them to safely steal…
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RHVBEMA Security team recovers stolen items shortly after armed robbery

This weekend a RHVBEMA CCTV controller noticed three males loitering along the riverbank near Prince Umhlangane Road and tyres floating in the river. He immediately notified the reaction team who responded promptly. Upon approach, the suspects fled but the reaction team…
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RHVBEMA calls for tighter access controls on private property

The RHVBEMA security team is concerned that some companies within Riverhorse Valley do not have the correct access controls in place on their properties. This is demonstrated by recently reported incidents where criminals have gained unauthorised access to private property…
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Ballito UIP Security Manager, Dieter Fittkau’s top five tips to keep you safe this festive season

The holidays are here and finally, holidaymakers can put their feet up and relax. Ballito UIP security manager Dieter Fittkau gives us his top five safety tips so you can enjoy a safe and peaceful festive break If you are…
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URGENT REMINDER: Please help us keep the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA healthy this festive season

With 2020 coming to an end and the festive season gaining momentum, we’d like to remind all our members to continue implementing strict hygiene protocols on their premises. Amidst reports of a COVID-19 infection surge in the Eastern and Western…
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All in a day’s work for the RHVBEMA security

The RHVBEMA security team are the eyes and ears of the precinct, ensuring that everything is as it should be. Last week, the security team came to the rescue of a distressed Terrapin (small species of turtle) and safely released…
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Be cautious and report any suspicious activity within the precinct

On Saturday the 7th of November, two females reported that they were mugged at gunpoint by men in a silver Toyota Corolla on Corobrik Road at around 05h45. They were advised to contact SAPS to open a case. Please be…
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