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Municipal service delivery in Riverhorse Valley

We’re pleased to share some recent updates regarding service delivery initiatives undertaken by various departments within the eThekwini Municipality: eThekwini Water and Sanitation: Several teams from eThekwini Water and Sanitation have been hard at work repairing sewer leaks in Quarry…
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Continual maintenance is key to a pristine precinct

At RHVBEMA, we take great pride in maintaining the cleanliness and greenery of our precinct. Here’s a glimpse into our recent efforts: Precinct Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance: Our dedicated teams are diligently following their schedules to ensure that our precinct…
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Update on sewer repairs at Quarry Park

Over the past weekend, teams from the eThekwini Municipality Water & Sanitisation Department attended to the issue. Upon inspection, it was discovered that the sewer pipe is broken, requiring immediate attention. The team took swift action and jetted the line…
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Update: New office address, contact information and control room update

We’re settling into our news space in Riverhorse Valley. Please take note of the following changes: Control Room: Unit 7 Edstan Business Park, 2 Ibubhesi Road, Riverhorse Valley 24/7 Hotline: 031 569 3125 Our control room is now conveniently located…
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RHVBEMA: Mitigating post-rain damage in the precinct

Following recent rains, RHVBEMA’s maintenance team has been hard at work restoring affected areas, particularly Mhlangana Road along the riverbank. Mud and waste washed onto the verges, prompting immediate action. In the photos above, witness our team cleaning v-drains and…
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RHVBEMA’s greening and maintenance update

Here’s a quick rundown of our recent activities aimed at maintaining and enhancing the beauty of our precinct: Precinct Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance: Our teams have been hard at work ensuring that our precinct remains pristine and green. From regular…
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Unlocking efficiency: RHVBEMA’s new control room

We’re thrilled to introduce the latest enhancement within our precinct: our new control room. Our teams have wasted no time in embracing this upgraded workspace, finding newfound inspiration and functionality within its walls. Their positive feedback echoes the sentiment that…
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Enhancing Ibhubesi Road: New gardens installed

We are excited to announce the installation of new gardens along Ibhubesi Road as part of our office relocation initiative. These new gardens serve to enhance the beauty of the area and contribute to our commitment to environmental stewardship. The…
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