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eThekwini Municipality service delivery: Recent operations in Riverhorse Valley

Over the past two weeks, eThekwini Municipality departments have been actively addressing various infrastructure issues in our precinct. Here are the highlights of their recent work:

Roads Department and Contracted Parties:

  • Intersection Repairs: The team has repaired the uneven road surface at the intersection of Musa Dladla and Queen Nandi Drive, improving the safety and smoothness of the drive for all road users.
  • Road Markings: Faded road markings along Queen Nandi Drive have been repainted, ensuring clear visibility and improved traffic management.
  • Road Barriers: Damaged road barriers on the Queen Nandi southbound on-ramp have been repaired, providing better safety measures for vehicles.

Additional Roads Department and Contracted Parties Efforts:

  • Traffic Signal Repair: A damaged traffic signal at the intersection of Effingham and Corobrick Road has been repaired, which is vital for maintaining proper traffic flow and safety.
  • Pothole Warning Signs: Warning signs have been installed for a pothole on Prince Umhlangane Road to alert drivers and prevent accidents.
  • Rubble Removal: The team has removed rubble left behind after reinstating tar on Musa Dladla Road, ensuring the area is clean and hazard-free.

Electrical Department:

  • Power Cable Repair: A damaged power cable along Queen Nandi Drive has been repaired, restoring reliable electrical service to the affected areas and preventing potential hazards.

Captured below: Various eThekwini Municipal departments in action in our precinct.

We thank eThekwini Municipality departments for their response in addressing these issues. Their work plays a vital role in maintaining the infrastructure and safety of our precinct.

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