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560 bags of litter collected in Riverhorse Valley

Over the past week, our dedicated teams have made significant strides in maintaining the cleanliness and greenery of Riverhorse Valley. A noteworthy achievement has been the collection of 560 bags of litter from our river and waterways, thanks to the relentless efforts of our alien invasive control teams.

Litter Collection: The alien invasive control teams have been working tirelessly to pick litter from the river and waterways, resulting in the collection of 560 bags this week alone. This effort plays a crucial role in preserving the environmental health and aesthetic appeal of our precinct.

Precinct Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance: The overall maintenance of the precinct is progressing well, with the area looking clean and well-maintained. Our teams have been following their schedules diligently to ensure that our community upholds its high standards.

Irrigation System Repairs: We are pleased to announce that the irrigation system on the East side is now fully operational. This follows the successful repairs of the reservoir and the subsequent leaks that were identified. The system had been non-operational for two years, and its restoration will significantly enhance our greening efforts.

Our teams remain committed to keeping Riverhorse Valley a clean and green environment. Your continued support and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

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