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Maintaining a pristine precinct – collecting litter and more

We are pleased to share an update on the cleaning, greening, and maintenance efforts in Riverhorse Valley for the first two months of June. Our teams have been diligently working to ensure our precinct remains clean, green, and well-maintained.

Precinct Maintenance: The maintenance of the precinct is progressing smoothly. Despite the recent storms on Monday, our area was largely unaffected, apart from some minor debris which our teams promptly cleared. Our teams continue to adhere to their schedules, ensuring that the high standards of our precinct are upheld.

Alien Invasive Control: The alien invasive control teams have been actively conducting full boundary cuts along Kubu Avenue and performing litter picking. Their efforts are crucial in preserving the natural beauty of our precinct and preventing the spread of invasive species.

Directional Signage Replacement: A directional sign at the corner of Riverhorse Road and Riverhorse Close that was damaged by a truck has been replaced. This ensures that our signage remains clear and effective for all road users.

Litter Collection: Following the rains last week, our alien invasive control teams focused on litter collection from the river and waterways. This week, they successfully collected 448 bags of litter, significantly improving the cleanliness of these areas.

The estate is looking neat and well-maintained, thanks to the diligent work of all our contracted service providers. By sticking to their schedules and addressing issues promptly, they continue to uphold the high standards of our precinct.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our teams in maintaining the beauty and functionality of our precinct. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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