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RHVBEMA Cleaning & Greening: Green fingers and clean roads

We’re excited to share the latest updates on our cleaning, greening, and maintenance efforts in Riverhorse Valley over the past two weeks. Our dedicated teams have been hard at work to ensure our precinct remains clean, green, and well-maintained.

Garden Replanting at Island Circle: Our teams have been busy replanting gardens at Island Circle, bringing a fresh burst of greenery and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area. The new plants are thriving, adding vibrant life to our community.

Retainer Wall Weeding on Ibhubesi Road: The retainer wall along Ibhubesi Road has been thoroughly weeded, ensuring a neat and tidy appearance. This maintenance is crucial in preventing invasive plants from taking over and maintaining the structural integrity of the wall.

Grass Cutting Across the Precinct: We’ve completed grass cutting in several areas, including Riverhorse Close, Island Circle, and Prince Umhlangane Road. Regular grass cutting keeps our open spaces looking clean and well-kept, contributing to the overall beauty of the precinct.

Tree Trimming on Hippo Park Avenue: Tree trimming activities on Hippo Park Avenue have been successfully carried out. This work not only improves the appearance of our streets but also ensures the safety of pedestrians and vehicles by removing any potentially hazardous branches.

Removing Damaged Road Sign on Riverhorse Close: Our teams have removed a damaged road sign on Riverhorse Close, ensuring clear and safe signage for all road users. This is part of our ongoing efforts to maintain the infrastructure and safety of our precinct.

Alien Invasive Control: The alien invasive control teams have continued their efforts with boundary cuts across various areas in the precinct. These actions are essential in preserving our local ecosystems and preventing the spread of invasive species.

East Reservoir Waterproofing: We are pleased to announce that the waterproofing project for the east reservoir has been completed. The reservoir has been filled up, and the irrigation system has been tested and is fully operational. This project ensures a reliable water supply for our landscaping needs and is a significant milestone in our infrastructure maintenance.

Captured below: Our cleaning, greening and maintenance teams in action


We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our teams in maintaining the beauty and functionality of our precinct. Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

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