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Here’s a quick rundown of our recent activities aimed at maintaining and enhancing the beauty of our precinct:

Precinct Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance: Our teams have been hard at work ensuring that our precinct remains pristine and green. From regular cleaning schedules to addressing ad hoc requests from both the Management Team and Members, we’re committed to keeping our environment clean, green, and inviting for all.

Retainer Wall Cleaning and Planting – Ibhubesi Road: We’ve focused our efforts on cleaning and planting along the retainer walls on Ibhubesi Road, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of this area.

Hedging – Riverhorse Close: Another area of focus has been hedging along Riverhorse Close. This initiative not only beautifies the surroundings but also provides privacy and delineation of spaces.

Alien Invasive Control: Our teams have diligently attended to the control of alien invasive species this week. This includes grass cutting and spraying along 2m and full boundary fence lines, ensuring the integrity of our ecosystem.


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