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Proactive Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA Continues To Deliver Sound Precinct Management And Security To Public Areas While Ensuring The MA’s Continuity Post-Lockdown

The Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA is paramount to protecting members’ property and business investments, upholding the highest security standards, protecting infrastructure protected and maintained by the Municipality, providing essential cleansing services and keeping members up to date with news.  

With our on-the-ground COVID-19 response being to ensure that essential services continue within the Precinct, the RHVBEMA has wasted no time working to minimise the lockdown’s impacts on the Precinct and to safeguard business continuity post lockdown.  As such the RHVBEMA Board met this week to review its role and budgets at this very difficult economic time to ensure the precinct is ready to support business efforts as they move to make up lost economic ground post lock-down.

As a result of this meeting, and without compromising the Management Association’s key objectives, the Board has introduced cost containment for the months of April and, if required in May, to ensure its financial sustainability.

RHVBEMA Precinct Manager Bruce Macaulay says: “Reviewing the budget and containing costs where possible will help us ease the post lock-down economic strain ensuring we’re able to  keep doing what we do best: Delivering essential services and ensuring our precinct continues to be one of the most desirable locations to do business in the greater Durban area.”  

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