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Keeping Riverhorse Valley clean one bag (or 4653) at a time

We’re pleased to provide an update on the recent progress of our cleaning, greening, and maintenance teams within the the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate.

Our teams have been diligently attending to various maintenance, landscaping, and general cleaning tasks across the precinct as per our scheduled routines including gardens maintenance at Imvubu Park Place, grass cutting along Prince Umhlangane Road, verge maintenance on Queen Nandi Drive and lawn maintenance at Riverhorse Road Park.


A notable shoutout to our alien invasive control team

In our commitment to environmental preservation, our alien invasive control teams have been actively working to maintain the integrity of our natural surroundings. They’ve collected a significant amount of waste, totaling 4653 bags from the river, waterways under the N2 bridge and RTT wetland. Additionally, they’ve conducted full boundary cuts along the waterway behind the Grid Heights building in Riverhorse Road and various areas along Riverhorse Road.

We applaud the professionalism and dedication of our teams in upholding the standards of cleanliness and maintenance within our precinct. Their efforts contribute significantly to the overall well-being and aesthetics of our business precinct.

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