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The Riverhorse Valley Management Association has been operating since 2003, that’s 20 years. Our growth is a reflection of our good work in the precinct with an increase in membership over the years.

In growing, so have our communication platforms, a vital tool to receive and inform our members of any positive news stories and important updates that may affect daily routines

“We believe in making ourselves as accessible as possible to all our stakeholders. Feedback received is used to improve our on-ground services, streamline communications and help the community.  Besides formal platforms such as our annual perception survey, comments on our website forms are all taken into account. We also love to hear about good news stories.” explained Nwabisa Mkhiza Precinct Manager, Riverhorse Valley Business Estate Management Association.

For ease of access, below is a list of ways to follow and connect with us: 

24/7 Hotline:  The RHVBEMAs 24/7 hotline number 031 569 3125 can be used in the case of an emergency.

Report a fault: Use the online form to report a fault in your area. Here is a quick how-to video tutorial.

Essential Contact Numbers

Our newsflashes and monthly insights are also a great way to provide feedback, simply hit reply and we’ll get the message. If you know someone who would like to subscribe to our newsflashes or monthly content, they can subscribe here

You can also rate each latest news article by using the rate our newsfeed option at the end of each news item we send out. This helps us better understand the type of information you find useful.

If you haven’t engaged with us on one or more of our platforms, now is the time to follow and share in our positive journey.

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