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Why is cleaning, greening, and maintenance at the heart of what we do?

You may have seen our consistent social posts or newsflashes about cleaning, greening, and maintenance (what we like to term CGM) work and projects done in our precinct. So why do we place such emphasis on these tasks?

We at the Riverorse Valley Business Estate MA believe in getting the small things done right to be able to get the big things done well. Focussing on the small tasks, such as picking up and bagging litter, removing graffiti, repairing paving, filling small potholes, repairing signage, removing illegal or expired posters, planting, and attending to all things landscaping and vegetation has a long-lasting positive effect on our precinct.

β€œThese small tasks all add up to having bigger impacts in our precincts. The effects include stemming urban decay, becoming attractive to current and future investments, clean and green environments allow for less littering and more binning, having a clean,lit-up precinct also adds to the safety characteristic of the Riverorse Valley Business Estate ”, explained Nwabisa Mkhize, Head of Southern Operations at UrbanMGT.

You may have come across our focus on the Small Things campaign over the past year in terms of cleaning, greening, and maintenance in the precinct. Some of the key CGM projects for the year thus far include:

Important cleaning, greening, and maintenance projects that were completed by our RHVBEMA team recently include cleaning of street name and road signs in the precinct. We also lifted offramp/onramp tree canopies. Although outside of our area and scope of work adopting clearing these areas of litter and debris periodically goes a long way in creating positive first impressions.

Two projects for the coming year will be the upgrade of landscaping and irrigation on Island Grove and Island Circle. We will be installing drip irrigation in the hedge strips to ensure that hedges get adequate water to thrive and beautify our precinct.

We look forward to making Riverhorse Valley a sought-after precinct in Africa, while not losing sight of the small yet meaningful tasks along the way!



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