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Sustaining greenery: RHVBEMA’s continued efforts

We’re excited to share another update on the ongoing cleaning and greening efforts in our precinct. Here’s a glimpse of the progress made this week:

Productive Maintenance:
Our dedicated teams had a productive week, despite no disruptions from rain. They diligently adhered to their schedules, focusing on grass cutting in Imvubu Park and along Ibhubesi Road. These efforts not only enhance the aesthetics of our community but also contribute to creating a cleaner and more inviting environment for all.

Creating New Gardens:
In an exciting development, our landscaping teams have begun creating new gardens along Ibhubesi Road. These gardens will serve as a relocation site for the gardens inside and outside our old offices. By rejuvenating these spaces, we aim to foster biodiversity and promote a greener urban landscape that benefits both residents and local wildlife.

Alien Invasive Control:
Our commitment to environmental stewardship remains unwavering. Teams dedicated to alien invasive control continued their efforts this week, focusing on litter picking, boundary fence line cuts, and spraying. By combating invasive species, we’re preserving the ecological balance of our precinct and protecting our native flora and fauna.

As we forge ahead with our greening initiatives, we invite you to join us in celebrating the progress we’ve made and the positive impact it has on our members.

Pictured below: New gardens in Ibhubesi Road, hedging at Imvubu Park Place and litter collected from the river and waterways.

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