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Straight lines and clean, green public spaces in Riverhorse Valley


When it comes to hedges, nothing makes the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA team happier than straight lines. There are a lot of hedges in Riverhorse Valley as well as various other green spaces. Our cleaning and greening teams are once again pulling out all the stops ensuring everything looks well-maintained and cared for.

  • Hedging along Corobrik Road
  • Grass cutting at Queen Nandi Drive, Riverhorse Road, Kubu Road and Hippopark Avenue
  • Tree pruning at Island Circle and Corobrik Road by the walkways
  • Cleaning retaining walls and removing alien plants at Riverhorse Road
  • Sprayed weeds at Queen Nandi drive Bridges and Island circle
  • Preparing the garden at the corner of Effingham and Corobrik Roads for replanting
  • Ongoing removal of rubble from the Riverhorse dumpster to Springfield dump site

Our alien invasive control teams attended to clearing the water hyacinth from the dam and cutting boundary and fence lines at various areas.

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