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In June, the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate Management Association (RHVBEMA) reported concerns over colour changes and possible pollution of the Umhlangane River to the Waste Water Department. Investigations into theΒ  suspected pollution was inconclusive and could have been due to illegal dumping of chemicals or effluents, which is virtually impossible to trace unless the incident is witnessed; or it was as a result of power failures at the Phoenix (Northern) Waste Water plant.

In terms of colour changes to the river, again investigations were inconclusive, and could have been as a result of a change in the depth and flow of the river due to the season and less or no rain fall causing the river to appear different to what it would look like when it is deeper and flowing properly in summer. The RHVBE Management Association takes monthly water samples for testing to keep abreast of any alarming changes.

If you see any suspicious activity or illegal dumping please call the RHVBE 24/7 hotline on 031Β 569 3125 or leave a message on the RHVBEMA website.

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