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It’s been two months since civil unrest shook the foundations of KZN. The RHVBE MA has proactively reviewed its current disaster management protocols to compile a new Precinct Disaster Protocol to collectively guide our response to potential natural or man-made disasters in the future.  

This is the process being followed: 

  • Step 1: Debrief of the MA security and communications response to the civil unrest and capture common learnings across all precincts.  
  • Step 2: Draft a Precinct Disaster Protocol, considering and implementing lessons learnt for the board’s consideration and to guide resource requirements and associated costs. 
  • Step 3: Ratify the new protocol as part of the MA disaster response.  
  • Step 4: Share Protocol with RHVBEMA members. 

The RHVBE MA has worked closely with the authorities over the past weeks to bring stability back to the area and we are pleased to report that the precinct is back to business, safe, clean and green. 

We’d like to thank our Board and service providers for walking this journey with us and look forward to sharing the new protocol in due course.  

Together we can build a better RHVBE.

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