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Cleaning, greening, and maintenance of the RHVBE is going well and the area is looking fantastic. Over and above general maintenance and regular cleaning of the precinct, our CGM teams completed replanting the gardens on Riverhorse Road, continue replanting gardens at Island Circle, and cleaning and weeding along the retaining wall on Riverhorse Road. 


There have been high levels of sewerage detected at the Umhlangane River, as a precautionary measure the irrigation service provider switched off pumps for the sprinklers. The service provider is currently investigating the matter and is in contact with eTM as there is suspicion that there is a burst sewer upstream.


Image Above: Replanted gardens on Riverhorse Road

Image above:  Tree trimming

Image Above: Hedging in progress

Image Above: Replanted Garden – Island Circle         

   Image Above: Weeding and tree rings maintenance            

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