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Have you seen us out and about in the precinct? We’ve been hard at work, dedicating our time and efforts to cleaning and greening initiatives across the Riverhorse Valley Industrial & Business Estate. Here’s a glimpse into what we’ve been up to:

Enhancing Public Spaces: From trimming greenery to raking verges, we’ve been actively involved in enhancing the aesthetics and cleanliness of public spaces within the precinct. Our goal is to create a more welcoming environment for everyone who visits or works in the area.

Ibhubesi Road Cleanup: One of our major undertakings has been the extensive cleanup of Ibhubesi Road. This has been a significant effort, requiring teamwork and dedication to transform the area into a cleaner and more inviting space.

Maintaining Green Spaces: We’re committed to nurturing and maintaining green spaces throughout the precinct. Whether it’s weeding new gardens or ensuring the upkeep of existing greenery, we’re dedicated to fostering a greener environment for all to enjoy.

As we continue our greening and cleaning efforts, we invite you to say hi if you spot us in the precinct. Your support and encouragement mean a lot to us as we work towards creating a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant community.

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