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31 MARCH 2020


The Cleansing & Solid Waste Unit would like to provide an β€œupdate” to the ratepayers of eThekwini regarding the revised requirements for waste collection as follows:

a) Will be as per normal collection schedules.

b) The separation at source initiative i.e. orange bags has been suspended until further notice to reduce the risk of contamination. Residents are encouraged to:

i. Limit the amount of recyclables generated, or

ii. Reuse, Upcycle or store recyclables within your properties, or

iii. As a last resort dispose into black bag for collection.

c) All Garden Drop off sites and Garden Landfills will be closed from Tuesday 31st March 2020 until further notice. Residents are encouraged during this time to:

i. Reduce the generation of this waste stream by limiting cutting, pruning etc.

ii. Reuse through home scale composting,

iii. Store on your property until services resume

d) The Bisasar Road, Mariannhill and Shallcross Landfills which accepts garden refuse, builder’s rubble and sand will be closed from Tuesday 31st March 2020 until further notice.

e) Residents are reminded to have all personal hygiene and sanitary products double bagged without compressing the waste. This is encouraged to be handled using single use gloves and or ensure hands are sanitised before and after handling.

f) Prevent waste bags from having access to animals as well as street pickers for salvaging purposes.

g) Waste bags are only to be placed out for collection if they are full.


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