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Subsequent to the announcement made by President Cyril Ramaphosa’s on the relaxation of lockdown regulations to alert level 2, the City has declared beaches, nature reserves and public parks open with immediate effect. Swimming remains prohibited until further notice.

These regulations allow that residents utilise these recreational amenities for activities such jogging on the sand, walking, running, yoga and other healthy lifestyle exercises whilst, the Municipality is taking the necessary steps to ensure regulations for swimming are in place.

The public is further advised that while beaches are now open for the public to use, the full protocols are still being prepared and confirmation is being sought for bathing and surfing from the Provincial Authorities on certain omissions not appearing in the gazetted policy as per the National gazetted regulations.

In the interim, the Parks, Leisure and Cemeteries Department is ensuring that the lifeguards and beach maintenance staff are trained and equipped with the regulated necessary personal protective equipment to undertake safe rescues. Protocols are still being finalised for the re-opening of the beaches to the public.

It should be noted too that, the shark nets are still not in place and will not be able to be launched for the next few days due to the severe weather conditions which are about to hit the coast.

While the Department is excited that the public will once again be able to enjoy City’s lovely beach facilities, eThekwini will be monitoring the situation closely to ensure social distancing and restrictions with reference to the numbers on the beach are adhered to.

The public is hereby requested to please note that, the country is still on lockdown and as a result, group activities and events that attract a large number of spectators are not permitted.

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