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Last week the MA team had a monthly site visit with Servest Management, the precinct is looking good in general apart from the few, lawns, and verges impacted during the unrests. We are hoping to have these areas replanted and brought back into shape in no time. Last week the RHVBEMA CGM team attended to the following notable things:

  • Pruning of trees along Island Circle
  • Maintenance of flowerbeds
  • Cutting grass at Imvubu park
  • Moved the rubble from Riverhorse dumpster to Springfield dump site
  • Weeding of gardens
  • Maintaining tree rings
  • Grass edging

As the sewer levels detected in the Umhlangane River are addressed by eTM, the irrigation team noticed the water is generally clean during the early hours of the morning until midday. They have scheduled water to be drawn into the reservoirs then, to ensure that irrigation continues in the precinct and the plants get enough water.



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