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As we look ahead to 2023, our ongoing projects continue diligently to improve not only the aesthetics but ensure a functioning, well-managed, and secure precinct. While the RHVBEMA team still places a significant focus on cleaning, greening, and maintenance, these special projects take place to deal with additional tasks in the precinct.

Replacement of Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) with invertors for CCTV cameras

We are busy installing alternative power options to power up the precinct’s CCTV cameras during long shedding and prolonged power outages. This will ensure that our security is always operating at its full capacity.

Refurbishment of CCTV cameras and kiosk boxes

Maintenance is key to a well-functioning and secure precinct. Our team is refurbishing our CCTV cameras and kiosk boxes to prevent further downtime.

Upgrade of irrigation at Island Circle and Island Grove

To improve landscaping on Island circle we are currently installing drip irrigation for adequate watering of the hedge strips and for plants to thrive. We look forward to a greener entrance into our precinct.

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