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Funded by RHVBE property owners, the RHVBEMA’s primary objective is to enable a thriving precinct that protects property values, enhances the quality of life, drives investor confidence, and supports economic development. This is underpinned by creating safe, clean, well-maintained, and desirable public spaces within the precinct.

RHVBEMA precinct manager, Nwabisa Mkhize, leads the operations teams committed to delivering these crucial supplementary services on the ground every day. This is what his typical workday looks like:

What are your main tasks during the day? What do you do on your rounds?

 As a precinct manager working with so many different stakeholders, every day brings something new. You are at times expected to start your day as early as when your first call or email comes through and the same applies to when it ends. My daily tasks include site visits to ensure our teams are in place, engaging with our service delivery partners and eThekwini Municipality, and attending to enquiries from our RHVBEMA members and the public.

 Where do you lunch?

 We are fortunate that our offices are in a beautiful setting so I either take lunch at my desk or outside if time permits. I don’t drink coffee so a cup of green tea is my warm beverage of choice to get the day started.

What do you love about your precinct and why do you think its important to the community?

 I love the beautifully landscaped areas which makes Riverhorse Valley as an industrial and business precinct quite unique. I also love the diverse services it offers the community. As a precinct and key economic node dedicated to enabling businesses to thrive, I believe Riverhorse Valley is important as it brings job opportunities and services to the area.

 What do you love most about your role?

 My job gives me the opportunity to engage with people at different levels and backgrounds, and provides me with continuous learnings and growth as I learn to navigate the many challenges and opportunities that present themselves on a daily basis.

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