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New Road Markings For RHVBE

The municipality is is the process of repainting the road lines and markings in Riverhorse Valley, which will make a huge difference to the overall look of the area as well as road safety, particularly at the very busy intersections…
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Robbery Thwarted

On the 19th April, five teenagers attempted to rob a man at gunpoint on Queen Nandi Drive. This incident was reported by an officer from Afrox to SAPS and the RHVBE reaction team responded to assist. Three suspects were arrested…
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Scrap Metal Theft Management

The RHVBE security reaction team regularly apprehends people, particularly along the railway tracks walking with bags full of scrap metal stolen from businesses in the Estate, or copper power cables from the trains. If you see any suspicious activity like…
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Wetland Trees Planted In Riverhorse

In an effort to conserve and improve the area around the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate (RHVBE), the Management Association are in the process of planting trees in the wetland. These trees include species like Calpunia Aurea, Syzigium Cordatum and Bridelia…
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