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How have mixed-use developments weathered the pandemic?

When it comes to weathering the pandemic the saying ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’ rings true. And same can be said for mixed-use developments that feature various elements making them more resilient to change. Frank Reardon, chief…
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RHVBE’S entrance features look great with new landscaping

The reinstatement of landscaping around RHVBE’s entrance features is well underway. Landscaping around the Kubu Avenue entrance is in its final stages and due to be completed this week. Pilot holes were dug where the Corobrik Road entrance feature will…
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eTM Water Supply Interruption Notice in Northern Areas of Durban

Please see the latest communication from eTM regarding certain areas being affected by water outages, poor water pressure, and intermittent water supply. This will take place from 5am on Tuesday 27 October 2020 until 5am on Wednesday 28 October 2020.
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E-hail users to please be aware of intimidation hotspot in Riverhorse Valley

THE RHVBEMA would like to alert anyone using e-hailing services to and from Riverhorse Valley to be cautious and aware of intimidation and extorting of e-hail drivers by taxi-drivers. The corner of Quarry Park and Nandi Drive has become a…
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Nwabisa Mkhize takes over the reins at RHVBEMA

Head of Southern Operations, Nwabisa Mkhize, will be taking over operations and oversight of Riverhorse Valley Management Association from Bruce Macaulay from mid-October. Nwabisa has many years’ experience working in precinct management firstly in Johannesburg and more recently as precinct manager at the Bridge City…
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Tourism is back and our precincts are preparing for a bumper 2020 festive season

Level one is here! And with the 2020 Matric Rage Festival confirmed on a smaller scale and travel allowed, KZN is preparing for a bumper festive season with our precincts already preparing for the influx of visitors. Brendan Keen of…
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Our heritage: Precincts that bind communities

From Table Mountain to the isiMangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa is certainly not short of world heritage sites. Similarly our public spaces are also filled with natural, cultural and historical gems that serve to bind our communities on common ground.…
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