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RHVBEMA aware of water fault along Riverhorse Road

The Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA (RHVBEMA) has reported the water fault along Riverhorse Road to eTM for urgent attention. The repair timeline has not been established yet but eTM technicians will be on-site this morning to assess the situation.…
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Grab a Bike & Bean coffee at the uMhlanga boardwalk’s new Forest Café this December

Coffee and outdoor enthusiasts will be delighted with the appointment of Bike & Bean as the operator of the newly revamped Forest Café located at the northern end of the new uMhlanga boardwalk. The new facility will be up and…
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RHVBEMA Alien Invasive and Cleaning, Greening, and Maintenance teams complete important projects within the precinct

Last week alien invasive control teams cleared the dam of Water hyacinth and cut alien invasive plants on the wetlands. The teams also did a great job of clearing litter away from the Capco wetland amounting to an astounding 140…
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In-house COVID-19 vaccine service available for Riverhorse Valley businesses

Businesses located in the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate can contact Paruk Pharmacies to do a COVID-19 vaccination drive within the comfort of their business premises. Paruk Pharmacies has been authorised by the KZN Department of Health to administer vaccines to…
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