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Revamp Of Pump Stations

The Riverhorse Valley Business Estate has two pump houses (east and west side) that are responsible for harvesting water from the uMhlangane River and pumping it all over the Estate. The Estate has a full time irrigation crew, consisting of…
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Litter Boom Project Being Finalised

Riverhorse management is in the process of finalising an agreement with Litterboom Project for the removal and recycling of waste collected from Umhlangane river. The new partnership will not only result in a cost saving for RHVBE but will be…
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Illegal Dumping On Eastern Watercourse

The Riverhorse Valley Business Estate (RHVBE) has an illegal dumping problem, where litter is being dumped into the eastern watercourse feeding into Umhlangane River. The litter consists of mainly household items and what looks like shoe making material. The Management …
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Shocking Amounts Of Litter Collected After Heavy Rainfall

Rainfall in the area for August was an astounding 29mm and 50mm for September (as of 21 September 2018). The heavy rains washed down copious amounts of litter. A total of 2820 bags were completely filled with littter (2500 from…
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State Of The Umhlangane River

In June, the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate Management Association (RHVBEMA) reported concerns over colour changes and possible pollution of the Umhlangane River to the Waste Water Department. Investigations into the  suspected pollution was inconclusive and could have been due to…
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