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RHVBEMA CCTV Controllers keep a keen eye out for cable thieves

On 27 March, RHVBEMA CCTV controllers spotted a suspect cutting away at railway structures using a hacksaw. Upon investigation, the suspect was found cutting a lock to access a switch to cut off the electricity, enabling them to safely steal…
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Landscaping is a key part of keeping the RHVBE looking its best

Last week the RHVBE Cleaning and Greening team did great work in the precinct. The team carried out tree trimming and pruning, lawn mowing, adding shade cloth around the waste area, tree and branch collection, and cutting and edging verges.…
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480 bags of litter collected by RHVBEMA’s alien invasion control team

Last week RHVBEMA’s alien invasion control team collected a staggering 480 bags of litter from the uMhlangane river, following heavy rains from earlier in the month. Regular cleaning of such large amounts of litter has a positive knock-on effect on…
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Body worn cameras – how do they fit into and enhance our public space security?

Body worn cameras are small video recording devices attached to a patrolling security officer’s clothing, helmet or sunglasses. For the officer, the device can capture video and audio recordings like arrests, searches, interrogations, and critical incidents. Having body worn cameras…
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Planned Water Supply Interruption in the North, Central, South and Inner West Supplied Areas of eThekwini

Umngeni Water has planned a 19-hour shut on their raw water conveyance line to repair a failed scour valve. This will result in a 50% reduced treatment capacity from Durban Heights waterworks that supply most areas in Durban. This shut…
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eTM Roads Department attend to various faults within the RHVBE

eTM did great work in the precinct last week, with the Roads Department attending to various faults that have been reported by the RHVBEMA. A streetlight that was damaged by a truck on Queen Nandi Drive, a pothole on Prince…
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