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RHVBEMA updates following last week’s flood damage

While most companies affected by last week’s flood have begun their clean-ups, the RHVBEMA cleaning teams are working on clearing the debris and mud on the roads, especially around Island Circle. The clean-up will continue and we hope to secure…
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Interruption of water supply on Riverhorse Road – 6 April 2022 CANCELLED

Please note that we have received communication from eTM that the interruption of water supply on Riverhorse Road previously planned for Wednesday 6 April 2022 from 8 am – 4 pm has now been cancelled. A new date will be communicated once eTM…
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Understanding bylaw enforcement and what the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA can and can’t enforce

Part of the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate Management Association’s (RHVBEMA) mandate is to uphold bylaw enforcement in the precinct. This forms part of its aim to combat urban decay through the delivery of supplementary services such as cleaning, greening, maintenance,…
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eTM attends to streetlight, tar and sidewalk repairs

Last week the eTM electrical department attended to streetlights in need of repair and the eTM roads department attended to the repairs of damaged tar and sidewalks around the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate, that had been reported.  
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Know your Riverhorse Valley Business Estate MA – Our Core Values

Last year the Riverhorse Valley Business Estate Management Association conducted a lengthy process to identify and adopt a set of core values that guides daily operations to ensure we achieve our purpose: Sustaining a thriving precinct by securing long-term measurable…
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