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The risk of alien invasive plants and how our precincts manage them

South Africa’s Department of Environmental Affairs defines invasive alien plants as species that are exotic, non-indigenous or non-native to an ecosystem. Due to the lack of natural enemies and the resistance to local diseases, these plants tend to spread aggressively…
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Landscaping is a key part of keeping the RHVBE looking its best

Last week the RHVBE Cleaning and Greening team did great work in the precinct. The team carried out tree trimming and pruning, lawn mowing, adding shade cloth around the waste area, tree and branch collection, and cutting and edging verges.…
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480 bags of litter collected by RHVBEMA’s alien invasion control team

Last week RHVBEMA’s alien invasion control team collected a staggering 480 bags of litter from the uMhlangane river, following heavy rains from earlier in the month. Regular cleaning of such large amounts of litter has a positive knock-on effect on…
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Successful GOBY environmental initiative demonstrates increased plastic recycling awareness…. but where does the plastic go?

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In mid-January uMhlanga Rocks’ whalebone pier became the latest site for GOBY, the 5m long steel fish that aims to reduce marine plastic pollution by encouraging people to dispose their plastic bottles into the structure. With 70kgs of plastic collected…
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859 bags of litter collected from the uMhlangane River

Regular rains are keeping us busy! Our invasive vegetation control team is working tirelessly to clear litter washed into the Umhlangane river. From the beginning of November to date our team collected 859 bags of litter, about four times the…
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